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Talks we submitted

Leverage systemd to run Symfony Messenger workers Rejected

Although Symfony documentation recommends supervisord, in this talk I will show you how to use systemd properly to run Symfony Messenger workers. In order to use "boring technologies" like Fabien said couple years ago in a keynote, let's take a look at systemd. As it's the default service manager on all Debian or RedHat based OS (majority of servers), it deserves to be fully used. First, I'll remind you what systemd is and how it works globally. Then, we will consider a quite simple application with async needs and how to answer them with workers managed by systemd, even with heavy load. Why not millions of messages per minute ? 🚀

Submitted 2 years ago by Mathieu Santostefano
Leverage the benefits of Symfony's Translation Providers Rejected

In the last few years, I've worked on several international applications for which the internationalization of user interfaces was a major issue. After having defined a workflow to facilitate translation management, tested it and proposed it in the Translation component, I would like to make you discover how to take full advantage of Translation Providers!

Submitted 2 years ago by Mathieu Santostefano
Painless authentication with Access Tokens

Via some simple but real scenarios, we will discover the power of the new AccessToken Authenticator shipped in Symfony 6.2. For example, we are developing a SaaS product, which exposes a private API. Our users can register many applications into their accounts, for each one we will generate an API Token that users must inject in their requests. Now, with a pinch of YAML and a dash of PHP, we will be able to authenticate users from their API Token. In this talk, I will show you how it also work with JWT and some other exotic tokens!

Submitted 1 year ago by Mathieu Santostefano